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SBY Terima Gelar Doktor Ke-14 Dari UniKL Malaysia

E-NewsIndonesia - Presiden RI ke-6, Prof. Dr. H. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono menerima anugerah Doktor Kehormatan dari Universiti Kuala Lumpur (UniKL) pada hari ini, 13 Oktober 2018 di Putrajaya International Convention Center (PICC), Malaysia.

Acara penganugerahan dipimpin langsung oleh HRH The Regent of Pahang, Tengku Abdullah Al-Haj Ibni Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Al-Musta’in Billah, Chancellor UniKL didampingi Presiden UniKL, Prof. Dato’ Dr. Mazliham Mohd Su’ud. Acara penganugerahan dilakukan bersamaan dengan Wisuda mahasiswa S1, S2 dan S3 UniKL 2018.

Penganugerahan Doktor Kehormatan kepada Presiden SBY merupakan hasil kajian dan penilaian UniKL terhadap SBY yang telah memberikan sumbangan besar dan memiliki peranan penting dalam mewujudkan hubungan antar bangsa, kemanusiaan dan pendidikan khususnya bagi ASEAN di masa 10 tahun pemerintahannya.



Assalamualaikum Warrahmatulahi Wabarakatuh,

His Royal Highness The Regent of Pahang, Tengku Mahkota Tengku Abdullah Al-Haj Ibni Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Al-Musta’in Billah, Chancellor of Universiti Kuala Lumpur, Prof. Dato’ Dr. Mazliham Mohammad Su’ud, President of Universiti Kuala Lumpur, Members of the Senate of Universiti Kuala Lumpur, Distinguished Guests, Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen,
Graduates and Parents, I am happy to be here to share this glorious day with all of you.

Let me begin by expressing my gratitude to Universiti Kuala Lumpur for conferring upon me this degree of Honorary Doctor of Management.

In any case, I see this Honorary Doctorate in Management as a vindication of my management style over all these years.

I love management and leadership. Many books are written, many lectures are delivered and many theories are discovered about both subjects.

For me, the essence of leadership and management are : decision making; strategic planning; policy development; budget allocation; taking actions; supervision and controlling. In special circumstances are also about crisis- action leadership, including disaster relief operation and conflict resolution.
As a military general, who had 30 years of military backgrounds, management and leadership were my daily nutrition. These help me in leading the nation and managing the government of Indonesia. The country that is so plural and continuously transforming.

Let me give you my two cents. Those who have worked for me would tell you that when it comes to managing and planning things, I am really particular about details. It is the only way I can go to sleep after a hard day’s work.

My wife Ibu Ani sometimes complained that I am too “perfectionist”. But, for me, a leader must also be “hands-on”, must be pragmatic. Of course pramatism with vision. So thank you Universiti Kuala Lumpur, for taking my side on this.

It is indeed a great honor for me to receive this Degree from Universiti Kuala Lumpur, which is widely known for its high standard of academic excellence and public service in Malaysia. Since its establishment in 2002, Universiti Kuala Lumpur has grown to become one of the World class universities at such a young age.

I also know there are a number Indonesian students studying here in Universiti Kuala Lumpur — it may be hard to spot them because they all look like Malaysians — so I would like to send my warm greetings to them.

It is really good to be back in Malaysia. I have been here so many times, I can’t even count how many visits exactly. I always feel at home in Malaysia, especially they serve me my favorite nasi lemak.

When I became President, relations with Malaysia was always a top priority. To Indonesia, Malaysia is not just a neighbor, Malaysia is family. That’s why I made a point of having a bilateral retreat every year with the Malaysian Prime Minister, where we discussed : security, trade, investment, Indonesian workers, education, international affairs and other issues.
I am glad that this tradition continues. In an uncertain world, close relations between Malaysia and Indonesia must always be preserved.

In the letter sent to me from President of Universiti Kuala Lumpur Prof. Dr Mazliham Mohammad Su’ud, it was mentioned that this Doctorate Degree in Management was offered to me in appreciation of my "lifetime contribution and significant impact in international relations, humanity and education especially in the ASEAN region".

I am humbled by this generous observation.

For I have always been a strong believer in the ASEAN project.

As someone who was born shortly after World War 2, I can tell you that like some in this room, I have lived through some horrific things in our region.

Wars. Proxy wars. Genocide. Conflicts. Violence. Fear. Desperation. Extremism. Division. Hatred. In different ways, these things characterised our region at some point in the past.

But the leaders and the peoples in our region attacked these problems — patiently and persistently and pragmatically. As a result, Southeast Asia has now been transformed to be a region of peace, cooperation and progress.

I ask all the young people here today — who fortunately did not experience our region’s troubled past — to never take this condition for granted. I say this because there are quite a few examples of stable regions that digressed to new tension and instability.

Despite its dramatic progress, our region is still not totally immune from the possibility of old habits coming back. It therefore falls on you to ensure that the ASEAN region continues its positive trajectory to become ever more peaceful, prosperous and resilient.

Dear Graduates and Parents,
I see a lot of smiling faces today. I also see many proud parents here in this hall.

To all the students who are about to graduate today, I extend my heartfelt congratulations.

Beneath your happy smiles, I think I know what you are thinking : getting a job ! Getting a life ! And maybe getting a wife or husband !

Don’t worry : we have all been there.
Insya Allah, you will get the job that you want.

But as you chart your future, I want you to be aware of certain distinctions.

You have to be able to differentiate between a hobby, a job, a career, and your impact.

Don’t turn your hobby into a job, no matter how good you are with your hobby, unless that’s what you really want. I have seen too many examples of people turning their hobby into their full-time job, and they end up being miserable all their life.

For me, my hobby as a youth was music, but the job that I chose was to be a military officer. I still play music even today and I love music forever.

If you manage to get a job, don’t rush to turn your job into your career, unless it is a job you genuinely love. Jobs can come and go, but choosing a career requires deeper decisions because it is for the long-term.

And even if you get to develop a career in life, the bigger question is whether your career will produce an IMPACT beyond your own wellbeing : to your community, to your country.
And even as your career creates an impact — and very few people get to do this — the bigger question is whether your impact will be such that you will leave a lasting LEGACY — something that will leave a mark and will be remembered for generations.
So choose well. Consider your every move thoughtfully. You only have one life to live. Make the best decisions for yourself.

In many ways, compare to me, you, the class of 2018 are fortunate.

You may feel to be ordinary people but you live in extraordinary times.
By all accounts, you belong to the most open, most liberated, most egalitarian, most free, most connected, most knowledgeable, most resourceful, most democratic generation ever known in history.

You are also the most powerful youth the world has ever known.

The youth of today have TOOLS that no previous generation ever had.

The processor in the smart phone in your pocket, for example, is more powerful than the processor of NORAD, a computerized radar defense system in the 1960’s which protected the United States against nuclear attack.

The apps in your computer allow you to be far more productive than my generation, who only knew the type-writer.

The social media gives you a platform that allows you to instantly express and spread your opinion to a wider audience far better than most political leaders could some 5 decades ago.

Indeed, you live in a world where the gaps between imagination and achievement are diminishing day by day.

My generation could only imagine a world without poverty; your generation will be the first to see the end of extreme poverty globally.

My generation could only imagine a cure for HIV; your generation has achieved near zero death from HIV/AIDS thanks to retroviral drugs. And I bet your generation will most likely find a cure for cancer.

My generation imagined long life. Well, it is said that a healthy baby born today is most likely to live up 100 years old.

My generation could only imagine going to Mars; your generation will soon enough land someone in Mars.

My generation could only imagine total nuclear disarmament; your generation will hopefully achieve that goal.

You see ? That is why you, the class of 2018 are fortunate. You have so much resources, so much to accomplish.

Dear Graduates,
As you step into that amazing world, I do have some advise for you. The first advise is keep the human soul at the core of human progress.

I submit that technology will definitely be the primary driver of change in the 21st century.

In the past 3 decades, we have seen how the introduction of the internet and emails into our daily lives have forever transformed economies, societies, companies and individuals.
And we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg, given the advance of artificial intelligence, robotics, automation, biotechnology, and so on.

But let us be sure that technology will not take the human soul out of development. Don’t let technology dehumanize humanity.

It pains me to see so many families having dinner together but none of the family members are communicating with one another because each one of them is busy playing with their cellphones. I bet you know what I am talking about.

I have also seen many children today become digital zombies, becoming unsocial, stuck and addicted to their video game screens for many long hours.

So remember : use technology to make you more human, not less human. You will live much happily that way, I promise.

The second thing I want you to remember is to keep your idealism alive as long as you can.

Idealism is the best medicine to cure a broken world.

If you have idealism, you commit to causes larger than yourself, you are brimming with energy, you try harder, you take risks, you make sacrifices, and you come up with all kind of solutions.

It is of course easy to keep your idealism in campus. The risk is low, and the temptations are few.

But once you go into the real world, idealism becomes rare commodity. The quest for money, for power, for fame, will create pressures and temptations that can compromise your principles.

I therefore appeal to you to keep that flame of idealism alive for as long as you live.

Finally, with all the knowledge that you have gained, with all your newfound skills, be a PIONEER.

Break new paths. Don’t be afraid to think differently. Be always at the forefront of progress. Seek change rather than be suspicious of it. Be open to
new ideas. Always tune your intellectuality to solutions. Push new boundaries.

Why this is important, because despite all the wonderful progress that we are seeing, the world today seems to be losing direction.

The world is experiencing a sickness.
We are in the midst of a geopolitical depression, at least, geopolitical recession.

Narrow nationalism is on the rise, along with negative populism. Ignorance and extremism is rising.
Climate security is not within our reach.

And some countries are retreating from multilateralism.

This is worrying. The world needs to move forward, not backward.

As former leader of Indonesia, I truly understand the importance of patriotism, of positive nationalism, and of national interests above all else, realizing that the world is lack of justice, equality and equal opportunity.

But, I do think all nations and countries must also take the responsibility and contribute to the making of a better world.

So as you obtain your degree today from this prestigious Universiti Kuala Lumpur, I hope you are also imbued with a sense of hope and responsibility.

A better world awaits you, but you must be the one to create it.

Congratulations once again. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.
I thank you.

Wassalamu’alaikum Warrahmatulahi Wabarakatuh.(Is)


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